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The Philosophy behind Thoth Studio:

The Vision
behind Thoth Studio:

The Mission
behind Thoth Studio:

A single Thought has the power to cause a ripple effect so big, it can change the world.


Whether it's put there by the God of Creativity or not, every successful brand starts with a powerful thought like that, and can only live on with such thoughts.


What’s an incredible brand story, but a thoughtful notion?

What’s a high-converting campaign, but a thought-out plan?

What’s an award-winning design, but ingenious thought?  


The difference between common and wow is just a Thought.


In this media world flooded with thoughtless brands, we are here to help you find your game-changing thoughts.

Like every other agency, we also would like to win dozens of awards, create a lasting name, & work with incredible clients. But above everything else, we want to do something a bit unconventional. 

(Everyone says it, but not everyone does it)


We want to make a difference, not just in this industry, but also in society. 


With creative ideas, strategic collaboration, & meticulous execution, we wish to work with & celebrate brands that are truly good for the world –that advance us in the right direction, & not just on paper.

Brands that don’t call themselves GREEN for PR, but really care about the environment.

Brands that go the extra mile to source & develop CLEAN ingredients for their products.

Brands who pay their employees what they deserve & treat them with RESPECT.

Brands who give it their all to provide the best SERVICE to their clients, day in & day out.

Brands who think of the future & see it as their RESPONSIBILITY to preserve it. 


We see it as our responsibility to help brands with such visions grow. This is our contribution towards a hopeful future.

We’ve always admired noble professions like Doctors & Rescue workers— Because they help people when they need it the most.


But we realised, that’s not the only way to help. There are tons of people with brilliant ideas & businesses who do a lot of good & make this world a better place.


So, as cheesy as that may sound, that’s our Mission. To help such businesses that do good & give back to the world. 


Our Mission is simple- Help people when they need it the most. But, instead of performing surgery or rescue missions, we make businesses grow.

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