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What we do-

Brands don’t need to make Noise. They need to make Sense.


TS crafts sensible, impactful, loveable stories for award-winning Brands.


How, you ask?


We think. A LOT. To the point where we actually thought about naming ourselves Overthinking Studio. But then we overthunk ourselves out of that too. (Overthunk? Is that a word?)

Anyway, our point is, we’ve made it our job to be thorough when it comes to our clients. If there’s something to be explored (fancy word for overthinking), we’ll explore the living, breathing heck out of it. Just so you can sleep like a baby.

“I came across Thoth Studio through one of my friends, and wanted them to design a website for my firm, Husain and Munira were super professional and responsive 10/10"

Alefiyah Karnalwala, CA

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